WestWard Quarterly, the Magazine of Family Reading

Submission Guidelines

WestWard Quarterly maintains a positive editorial philosophy, presenting material that is reflective, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging and humorous. Although difficult issues of our time must be addressed, we believe poetry has a role to play in raising the standard of our expectations. It can do this through offering hope instead of by magnifying what is crude or deplorable in the human condition.

We accept all styles of poetry and look for good imagery and grammar and a fresh outlook. If rhyming, we look for consistency and natural word order in the rhyme scheme. If metrical, we look for consistent scansion or “beat.” If free verse, we look for some kind of rhythm, flow, and harmony that makes a poem differ from prose.

Publishing and Submission Schedule

WestWard Quarterly is published in January, April, July, and October. The deadlines for submissions for each issue are as follows: Winter—September 30; Spring—February 28; Summer—May 31; Fall—August 31. Because we publish in October and January, we do not normally use Thanksgiving or Christmas poems.

Submission Methods

E-mail is the preferred method of submission, to avoid errors in scanning hard copy. Send submissions or inquiries to editor@wwquarterly.com or use the email link in the left panel. Put “WWQ Submission” or “WWQ Inquiry” in the subject line. We prefer that submissions be in the body of the e-mail unless the material is long or contains special characters or formatting. Submissions by e-mail attachments may be in MS Word, WordPerfect 6-10, or RTF files. Postal submissions should be sent to Shirley Anne Leonard, Editor, P.O. Box 369, Hamilton, Illinois, 62341, and include a SASE for response.

Publishing Rights

For first rights, WestWard Quarterly provides the author with a copy of the issue in which material appears. All rights revert to the author upon publication, except that material published in the magazine may be presented in archive copies on the WestWard Quarterly web site unless the author requests otherwise. If the material has been published previously and the author has the rights to it, the author should inform WWQ of the previous publication (name and date of issue) so that proper acknowledgment can be given.

Poems: 40 lines

You may submit up to five poems at a time not exceeding 40 lines each. Include your name, address, e-mail (as applicable), and line count at the top of each page. Use single line spacing and a normal font size. Note that we are no longer receiving short stories or essays.


I will try to respond within two months of the receipt of your submission. I will let you know which (if any) of your works I am holding for further consideration. If material you submit to WestWard Quarterly is subsequently accepted by another magazine before we publish it, it is your responsibility to notify us and withdraw it if you so desire.


The Editor reserves the right to edit all material for minor corrections in grammar, punctuation, etc. before publication.

Subscriptions and Extra Copies

The subscription price is $15.00 per year US domestic and $18.00 US for foreign mailings. Subscribing contributors to an issue may receive extra copies of that issue for $2.00 each ($4.00 foreign); the price for non-subscribing contributors is $3.00 ($5.00 foreign). Make checks payable to Laudemont Press. WestWard Quarterly is published four times a year.

Shirley Anne Leonard, Editor
Published by Laudemont Press